Along with the museum was created a Historical Documentation Center, that is a useful source for all those interested, on a personnel or on a professionnal level, in the history of the French customs administration.

The library


The museum’s historical library was created when the museum opened in 1984. It was assembled thanks to various deposits and is frequently enriched with new acquisitions and donations. The period covered by the documents in the library go from the French Revolution to today. Approximately 4300 books can be consulted at the library, among which 300 just for the 17th and 18th centuries. This includes for example the Recueil alphabétique des droits de traites (alphabetical record of the trade taxes) in 5 volumes, published in 1786.

The archives


The museum owns a selection of customs historical archives, from the 18th to 20th centuries. They include documents of great interest, principally concerned with the customs staff but also with the organization and legislation of its administration. The stock is frequently enriched with direct deposits from the customs head office but also private donations.

The museum's mission is not to preserve the whole of the customs administration’s archives ! For this reason we recommend that you also address your requests to the departmental archives and to the « Centre des Archives Economiques et Financières » (Financial and Economical Archive Center) as well as contacting the museum for research.

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Thanks to the archives we preserve, we may undertake genealogical searches. Please fill in the form for any request.

Image bank


The museum has a photo library of approximately 25000 photos, taken by the customs services or given by private individuals, as well as some purchases by the museum.

The museum also owns 200 videos on themes linked to the customs ( the customs management, seizures, merchandise control, events, customs training center, museum...) in addition to a hundred 16mm film rolls made by the cinema section of the « Direction Générale des Douanes et Droits Indirects » from 1947 to 1988.


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