The permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition is organised in two main sections. First a historical presentation covering a period starting in the Antiquity to nowadays displays the evolution and role of customs administration and agents. Main events of French history such as Moyen Age, French revolution and Napoleonic times are presented from a unique point of view.

A thematic section follows, it shows the daily work of customs agents, through their equipment (uniforms, weapons,...) and their tools. Here you learn how daily work and missions were organised, for agents in the brigades, fighting against smugglers in epic combats, as well as those in the offices who control the "legal" trade. A last part of the exhibition presents the main traffics and smuggling thanks to the spectacular seizures displayed.

The temporary exhibitions

Every year, the Customs national museum programs at least two temporary exhibitions. These are opportunities to display items kept in storage, and to develop subjects that are not developped in the permanent exhibition.

Some are produced with an external partner, some present the works of current artists such as painters or photographs. They complete the themes already present and offer a different view on customs topics.

Clic here to get more information on our current temporary exhibition (in French only).

The virtual exhibitions

When our temporary exhibitions are dismantled, we give them a second life and publish them on our website. This virtual cultural mediation allows faraway public to nevertheless discover and enjoy the works displayed, and get access to the resources they provide.

Go here to visit our past temporary exhibitions (in French only).

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